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Do I need my own Instrument?
No, we provide instruments for up to 40 players

Do I need to know any Samba?
Not at all! The sessions are designed for all music levels so that beginners can learn the songs alongside the more experienced players, and everyone has fun!
What should I do when I arrive for my free Taster Session?
When you arrive you can let one of the teachers know that it is your first time and they will make you feel welcome.
If I choose to continue, How do I pay? 

You will receive a follow up email after the taster session. We will provide details for payment to be made online by PayPal or bank transfer.

Do I need earplugs?

If you have some then bring them along. If you book onto one of our courses, we recommend picking up some standard musician earplugs either from a music shop or Amazon.

Do I need a Uniform?

Not for classes. You will need to purchase a T Shirt and/or Hoodie to wear during performances. All sizes are regularly stocked and taken to classes and performances for members to purchase.

Will I get paid to perform?

Unfortunately not but our band members are rewarded with the opportunity to perform at some fantastic events!

What gig opportunities are there?
The band are regularly booked for events such as Bath Carnival, Frome Carnival, St Pauls Carnival, Longleat Safari Park, Center Parcs, Shindig Festival, Bath University, Running Events, Weddings, Night Clubs and much more!


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