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COVID19 Safety Measures

We are following government guidelines to manage safe classes and performances.

We have made changes to our payment process and class activity to ensure the following:

  • Keeping the activity time involved as short as possible

  • Reduced number of people each person has contact with

  • Minimised transmission risk during the rehearsal, breaks or when moving around the premises

We ask all our members to follow these steps:

  • Book and sign up in advance of each course start date

  • If you show any signs of COVID, please do not attend a session and inform us

  • Leave bags, coats etc in your car, please don’t bring anything into the building other than your own instrument (if you have one)

  • Wear a face mask throughout the session. If you become uncomfortable, you can walk outside anytime to have a break from your mask!

  • When you enter the building, please go straight to your chosen instrument which will be laid out on the floor

  • Leave the rehearsal space immediately after the session and during breaks. You are welcome to socialise OUTSIDE, but please maintain social distancing.


More Details

What To Bring To The Class
Please don’t forget your face-mask and we recommend bringing your own hand sanitiser. 
Leave bags in your cars and only bring what you need into the room. 
Bring suitable clothing for outdoors so that you are comfortable waiting outside the classroom before the session and during the break. Bring an umbrella on rainy evenings, but please leave them outside. If you are bringing your own instrument, please leave cases in your car.

Arriving At The Class
You can park anywhere in the carpark and walk over to the room. 
When you arrive, Please wait outside until you are called in to register and walk straight to your instrument.


Group Size
Classes may hold up to 35 members and up to 5 teachers.
According to the government guidelines, we are allowed to organise gatherings of this size, provided we carry out a risk assessment to identify actions which could minimise risk of transmission.
We will use a floor plan for each session to ensure we provide the maximum distance possible between each member at all times.

Use of Rehearsal Space
Our aim is to keep the whole group in a side-by-side position at all times when inside the rehearsal space. You must wear a face covering at all times when inside the building.
At the break and after the session, you will all be asked to leave the room immediately. After the lesson, please leave the instrument where you were standing and we will clean and pack all equipment into cases.

Changing Instrument
Please ask a teacher if you would like to try a different instrument and he/she will provide an unused instrument. Do not swap instruments with each other.

Please keep a distance if you are queuing in this area.

When Outside
By all means chat and socialise, but please maintain social distancing at all times.

Class Duration Liable To Change 
Please remember that we are learning/adapting as we go. The new measures may cause a delay in the lesson start time. 


When You Must Contact Us
Please inform us immediately if:
1) You have any of the symptoms: elevated temperature, continuous cough, loss of smell and taste
2) You have been in close contact with someone with symptoms
3) NHS Track & Trace have asked you to self-isolate

It is your decision to attend the sessions. Our measures cannot reduce risk to zero

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